Location: Rancho Cordova, CA

Client: City of Rancho Cordova Department of Public Works

Construction Value: $1.3 Million

Services Provided: Full Construction Management and Inspection Services

The environmentally sensitive project consisted of constructing approximately 1.5 miles of 12’ wide trail with decomposed granite shoulders and post and cable fencing. Barbed wire fencing was placed outside of post and cable fencing to keep people out of the Preserve. The trail construction consisted of 5” thick porous concrete over 6” crushed rock bedding. This concrete allows instant drainage through the rock bedding below and was a requirement of the Preserve. In addition to the trail, the project included 3 pre-fabricated steel bridges (Contech). Two 30’ long bridges were placed on reinforced concrete spread footings over wetlands and a 121’ long bridge placed on reinforced concrete spread footings spanning the drainage canal. This project encountered some unique challenges with obtaining the Preserve Easement and work restrictions within the Preserve resulting in a delay and placing the project in Winter Suspension. SAI negotiated with the contractor and the project was successfully completed without any outstanding claims.