Location: Rancho Cordova, CA

Client: City of Rancho Cordova Public Works Department

Construction Value: $3.1 Million

Services Provided: Resident Engineer and Inspection Services

Salaber Associates provided Resident Engineer and inspection services for the replacement of several traffic signal controller in Rancho Cordova. The project was Federally funded and administered in accordance with Caltrans Local Assistance Procedures Manual using the City’s Virtual Project Manager (VPM) document control system. Construction improvements were throughout the City to provide a complete signal interconnect infrastructure that can be monitored at City Hall and the Police Station while also allowing Server to Server communication with the County of Sacramento’s Traffic Management Center. The scope of work included: removal and replacement of 28 traffic signal cabinets and new Cobalt signal controllers on existing foundations, installation of over 40 CCTV cameras at just as many intersections and associated cabling, installing and splicing over 80,000 LF of new fiber optic cable (96 & 12-strand), fiber switches, splice boxes, P48 boxes, trenching and installation of over 15,000 lineal feet of fiber optic conduit, slurry seal, and repairs to concrete curb gutter and sidewalk. This project had many unique challenges. For example, the traffic signal cabinets had to be changed out at night due to impacts to traffic. Due to the high volumes of traffic on Sunrise Blvd, the 4 cabinets to be changed had to be scheduled on a Friday night and after the new software was installed and functioning. This would allow the County to monitor traffic and adjust for the morning commute on Monday. The project was administered in accordance with Caltrans LAPM using the City’s Virtual Project Manager (VPM). Construction Administrative duties included documenting pre-construction conditions with photographs setting up project files and manage all project correspondence in VPM, chairing pre-construction and progress meetings, preparing progress payments including bid item quantity back up, RFI review and respond, submittal review and coordination, coordinating with design engineer, coordinating with SMUD, preparing change orders, review Critical Path Method Baseline and Monthly schedule updates, Weekly Statement of Working Days, Monthly Budget Summary documenting over/under bid items, potential change orders, change orders and contingency. In addition, certified payroll review and labor compliance interviews were conducted. The Resident Engineer also assisted the City in programming fiber switches and coordinating meetings between City, County and AEGIS to implement the City’s new Traffic Management Center. Inspection duties including preparing daily reports documenting manpower and equipment and work performed, measuring and tracking quantities, coordinating with the contractor to notify businesses and residents, ensure work was performed in accordance with the plans and specifications including County and Caltrans Standard Specifications.