Location: Lincoln, CA

Client: City of Lincoln Department of Public Works

Construction Value: $2.0 Million

Services Provided: Inspection Services

SAI is currently providing on-call inspection services on this new private development roadway project, which is located off 12 Bridges Drive in Lincoln. It is being constructed as a first phase in developing the land at the end of the new road. The project consists of placing all underground utilities and constructing a 3,600’ long, 48’ wide roadway with sidewalks and street lights. The road has two side roads that will be developed at a future time. The project is currently winterized after completing the needed paving and SWPPP / BMP installation. The inspector duties include daily field inspections, daily field reports and photos on the City of Lincoln Virtual Project Management (VPM) system, plan interpretation, verify pressure testing water mains once completed, taking water samples to be tested by approved laboratory, pressure test and video camera all sewer mains, and laterals once completed, vacuum test sewer manholes, responded to project questions and concerns, verify SWPPP / BMP adherence, help coordinate with testing firm, provide punch list at the end of the project and ensure that the project is successful.