Location: Loomis, CA

Client: City of Loomis Department of Public Works

Construction Value: $2.4 Million

Services Provided: Full Construction Management and Inspection

As part of Salaber Associates, Inc. (SAI) On-Call Construction Management contract with the Town of Loomis, SAI provided full construction management (CM) services, including material sampling and testing through a subconsultant, on this project. SAI provided the Resident Engineer (RE) and Assistant Resident Engineer (ARE) / Inspector for this high-profile streetscape, which involved improved pedestrian and bicycle mobility, infrastructure and aesthetics of a 2.5 block stretch of downtown Loomis. Domestic water services to all business customers in the area were also upgraded. Work included new sidewalks, curb and gutter, full-depth asphalt reconstruction, asphalt overlays, streetlights, irrigation, landscaping, signing, striping, in-road warning lights, colored stamped concrete, stamped asphalt crosswalks, permeable pavers, and a retaining wall. All of this work had immediate and tangible impacts to the local small business community, and constant public relations and outreach was required on a daily basis and through the entire process. In addition, extensive coordination was required with PG&E, AT&T, PCWA, and SPMUD. The project included grant funding from Caltrans Local Assistance and so oversight and adherence to the Local Assistance Procedures Manual was required. Constant field adjustments from the plans were necessary as the project reconstructed an existing 100-year-old downtown to American with Disability Act (ADA) and Title 24 standards. Existing conditions and slight real-world differences from the design base elevations could impact ADA compliance, so the CM team worked hand-in-hand with the contractor to resolve issues as they came up. This was a daily process and was the result of an extensive informal partnering effort. The RE and ARE duties included coordinating and communicating with the Town Engineer / Project Manager, field issue resolution, all administration and documentation, field orders, change orders, chairing meetings, schedule review, contract time tracking, materials acceptance documentation, correspondence, progress payments, labor compliance, daily inspection, and oversight of the contractor’s operations. Through continuous effort with all the stakeholders this project resulted in praise from the local community for quick execution of the work.