City of Sacramento Oak Park Combined Sewer System Regional Storage Facility

Location: Sacramento, CA
Client: City of Sacramento Facilities Department
Construction Value: $9 Million
Services Provided: Full Construction Management Services

Project Overview

As the prime consultant, SAI provided full construction management services on this unique and award-winning storage facility project. The project, located within the community of Oak Park, included construction of an underground combined sewer (CS) storage facility consisting of 6,200 linear feet of 120-inch inside diameter (ID) reinforced concrete pipe (RCP) and a massive cast-in-place inlet/outlet structure. The facility also included an extensive foul air system and a 20’ deep pump station with an 18” force main construction. This facility ties in to the existing CS system via a 72-inch ID RCP through a new pre-cast diversion structure. The underground structure, with a capacity of up to 3 million gallons, will provide storage during heavy rainfall periods to lower the hydraulic grade line that would result in regionally and locally reducing the potential of flooding and CS outflows. Upon completion and backfill of the storage facility, a community soccer field, among other park amenities, will be constructed for public use. In addition to full construction management services, public relations duties include development and door-to-door hand-delivery of monthly newsletters, hosting of periodic block meetings to address resident questions and concerns, and 24/7 availability by phone and immediate reaction/resolution of emergency issues.